Statement To Our Vendors And Employees (Covid-19)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ — Alliance Shippers Inc. is taking this opportunity to acknowledge the great service being provided by our hundreds of vendors and employees on the front lines. It’s a good bet that “coronavirus” or Covid-19 was a word that none of us had in our vocabulary just a few weeks ago. Today we are haunted by the word. Each of us go to bed at night with Covid-19 worries on the brain and wake up from a mostly sleepless night, hoping the whole mess was just a bad nightmare.

Whatever small amount of comfort you get from Alliance’s acknowledgment of your personal situation, your family’s situation, your communities’ situation, please know that we are sincerely appreciative of your courageous battle. Without the supply chain’s brave and dedicated work force, our Country would not be able to provide the goods and products we so desperately need. Calling transportation companies “essential” falls short of what we really do on a daily basis for our Country. Yes we are “essential” but we are in fact absolutely critical to our Nation in keeping our population safe, healthy and fed.

Alliance loudly applauds your tremendous dedication and bravery. Thank you for your unending job well done.

Best Regards,
Steven M Golich
Executive Vice President, COO
Alliance Shippers Inc.