We strive to lead our industry by implementing sustainable business practices that minimize harm and maximize benefit to the environment. We subscribe to a management belief that creates long-term value for our customers, employees and other stakeholders. As part of our annual objectives, we continuously embrace opportunities to improve our environmental impact and further enhance our core value of long-term sustainable commitment.
- Ronald Lefcourt President, Alliance Shippers Inc.


Alliance and SmartWay

To Our Valued Customers

Alliance Shippers Inc.’s Perfect Shipment® Program is our operating process for providing on-time pick-up, railroad linehaul, and on-time delivery for all of our customers’ shipments to either themselves or their customers in the railroad intermodal mode. The data reflected on this page is a comparison of our on-time performance in the three aforementioned categories for our fiscal year 2012 versus our fiscal year 2013.

Two years ago, Alliance Shippers Inc. set a goal to reach a percentile of at least 98% of on-time performance in each of the three segments that go into a railroad intermodal truckload shipment. For our fiscal year 2013, we have attained that goal.

I want to thank the thousands of trucking companies who are integral in this process who pick-up and/or deliver our customers’ business. I want to thank all the United States railroads for providing outstanding service in order for Alliance Shippers Inc. to reach our goals that allows us to fulfill our customers’ service expectations.

In today’s modern transportation world a company has to have the highest level of information technology, which Alliance Shippers Inc. has, a company “culture of service” and a roster of employees who are not only highly professional in their business responsibilities, but have practical experience in the railroad intermodal industry.

I congratulate all of the Alliance Shippers Inc. employees for their contributions in attaining this 98% achievement for fiscal year 2013.

There is an old saying that says “without a customer you have no business.” All of us at Alliance Shippers Inc. want to thank our customers for allowing us to provide service to them and their companies. - RONALD LEFCOURT President, Alliance Shippers Inc.

Leaders in Sustainability

The Alliance Shippers initiative towards Sustainability is using what means we have to reduce the negative impacts on our environment. Building our fleet of 53’ refrigerated containers with the most current technology enables Alliance Shippers to move refrigerated goods via the nations railroad system resulting in reduced CO2 emissions by 67.7% as compared to the same goods moved via highway trucks.

As a SmartWay Participant/Partner, Alliance Shippers continuously strives to improve fuel efficiencies within our own refrigerated fleet. 


Actual Example of CO2 Reduction

That’s the equivalent of taking 1,695 cars off the road or planting 10,493 trees!